Webber-Cross Technical

Webber-Cross Technical provides applications and web development services in technologies such as Microsoft .Net, XAML, ASP.Net, Xamarin, HTML5 and Azure.



Development and architectural services provided:

  • Creating Mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows using Xamarin with C#, XAML with MVVM architectures.
  • Websites created with ASP.Net, MVC and modern Javascript frameworks.
  • Microsoft Azure arichitecture, design, development and implementation.
  • Building Windows applications using WPF, C# and XAML with MVVM architectures.
  • Implementing RESTful and SOAP web services using Web API, WCF and ASMX.
  • SQL Server and SQLite databases integrated with Entity Framework and ADO.Net.


Project and industry experience:

  • 16 years Microsoft .Net development experience on a variety of projects spanning many industries:
  • Finance, Risk Management, Pharamceutical, Electronic & Electrical, Logistics, Water, Manufacturing, Steel, Oil & Gas, Digital Media.
  • Working in teams from enterprise-scale, to small start-up size.
  • Quality and delivery focused. Always ready to accept a challenge!
  • Further details on CV available by request


Please get in touch for Contract and Freelance work availability: